Trip-Pie - share your journey!

Friends, travelers and those who cannot imagine life without movement and opening new horizons – this is place for you!

Loving travel, just like you, we decided to create an online project that brings people together, so they can share their travel experience and plan further trips.

Advanced travelers, guides, organized tours, novice travelers - loving extreme sport or cultural entertainment - here you can find friends and tell world about your upcoming travels.


Welcome to Trip-Pie

Trip-Pie is a free opportunity to:

  • Search for coming travels of your interest
  • Create a page for future travel and invite other people to join it
  • Look for the participant’s tours or travels
  • Upload photos and descriptions of your travels
  • To share impressions about trips with your friends
  • Make friends among travelers all over the world
  • Create your own page to tell us about yourself and your hobbies
  • Look for the suggested travels on a specified type, dates and countries
  • To discuss the details of the trip with friends
  • To learn about new kinds of travels

Join us!


Using Trip-Pie is very simple:

  • If you want to FIND a travel, just use the search form on the "Home page", putting search criterias like dates, location, budget, etc. Or by selecting the travel category in the photo gallery. You can also use the interactive map to select a location.
  • If you want to CREATE your own trip, click "Create new". Fill your trip details, add photo and select appropriate categories from the selector boxes. More details about your trip will help other users to find it better.
  • After registering you will have a PERSONAL account page, where you can set your own profile, add photos, desired travel destinations and preferred activities.
  • From your personal account page you will see NOTIFICATIONS for your trips and also MESSAGES, other people write to you.


We hope you will succeed!

We will be very glad if you join our project. We are waiting for you, my friends - let you know more about the world!

For any questions, suggestions, bug reports - feel free to contact us via contact form below.